Welcome Letter To All Coaches

Coach…Welcome to the Maroons!

The Maroons board of directors would like to congratulate you and thank you for your willingness to become a coach with our soccer club.

After the players and parents, the coach becomes the most influential person that will shape our young players future love of the game. The coach ensures that the kids have fun, learn the foundation of the sport, become a strong teammate, and build a passion for the world’s most beautiful game. If that is not enough, the coach also plays a role in guiding the learning and understanding of parents and building a strong soccer family.

You have taken on a significant challenge! Thank you!

But, don’ t worry. We have put together this packet to provide some help and guidance. You are not expected to figure this whole thing out by yourself. We have pulled together information that provides perspectives and ideas collected from our coaching ranks. The ideas and approaches come from coaches who have been involved with the sport for 40+ years as well as fresh perspectives from our newest coaches.

This is only a guide for you as you begin your new season. You will find ideas on coaching approach, how to lead your parents, how to build a successful soccer family and more. This merely gives you a place to start. You have the support of the entire Maroons family. Please reach out to us with any questions. We are here to support you in what ever you might need.

Welcome to the Maroons coaching family. Your experience promises to be enriching, challenging and rewarding.

Enjoy the beautiful game.

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