Tryout Guide For Players

Here are some suggestions that players might incorporate in the tryout process to improve their performance and the assessment of evaluators. Sometimes evaluators pick up on various things and one or more of these things might make the difference in player selection.

  • Have fun in the game of soccer; show you love of the game. Smile and laugh.
  • Greet the coaches when you arrive. Introduce yourself if you have the opportunity.
  • Give your best every time you step on the pitch– in training, in games, in the formal tryout.
  • Don’t let friends distract you from showcasing your soccer abilities during the tryout; focus.
  • Don’t just kick the ball away. Demonstrate your confidence and ability to receive the ball properly; taking a sharp 1st touch into space and away from pressure.
  • Demonstrate your game intelligence by supporting the ball, good movement, good shape, and decision making on when to pass and when to dribble.
  • Demonstrate you can dribble and that you can beat a player with the dribble; Show us a skill move, a change of direction, a change of speed.
  • Be a 1st attacker! Shoot! Dribble with the ball and shoot! Make a great pass to someone who can shoot!
  • Hold the ball under pressure, be strong. Shield and protect the ball, use your body and arms to protect the ball and maintain possession.
  • Be patient in defense. Make a strong tackle to win the ball — Block tackle, Poke tackle, Body Block. Then transition into attack.
  • Work hard, the entire time. Both physically and mentally.
  • Be attentive and listen when coaches talk, jog in when called, don’t be last.
  • Talk! Make sure every coach knows you are there! You can demonstrate you know the game and what to do by talking.
  • Use the appropriate foot, left or right, depending on the ball and pressure. Show us you can use both feet.
  • Play the beautiful game, beautifully.
  • Enjoy and have fun!

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