MSC Mission Statement and Objectives


Deliver an inspiring soccer learning experience

 that creates a culture of intelligent, skilled & confident soccer players

who play the beautiful game, beautifully.


To achieve the Maroons Soccer Club mission we will:


  • Encourage learning in a fun, safe, and enjoyable environment
  • Focus on a progressivel learning model that nurtures the growth and intelligence of each individual player
  • Instill an enduring love for soccer that lasts a lifetime
  • Develop individuals with confidence that reaches beyond the soccer pitch


Maroons Soccer Club Objectives:


  • Structure learning to allow each player to advance toward their maximum potential.
  • Secure commitment of professional trainer organizations to consistently source the highest quality trainers.
  • Continually improving our coaches to make our progressive teaching model a reality.
  • Develop individuals who embody the values of fair play, good sportsmanship, and respect for others.


  • Continue to increase value provided to each player.
  • Continue to improve facilities and fields.

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