Club Philosophies

Maroons Soccer Club operates a Player Development Pathway that is guided by the following Club Philosophies:


  • We realize that Soccer IS a GAME and we will work to ensure a fun and enjoyable learning environment.


  • We believe in Creating the Player and the long-term development of each individual.


  • We will teach our players a Style of Play that is exciting to play and watch.


  • Our Style of Teaching delivers an inspiring learning experience to nurture the best development of our players technical, tactical, physical, and psychological.


  • We use a progressive teaching model (Player Development Pathway) where each phase builds the foundation for continuous advancement.


  • We will cultivate a deeper experience with the broader world of soccer.


  • We will create a soccer culture envied by rival clubs by sharing our passion for soccer in the local community.


  • We support multiple sport athletes; recognizing the benefits young players receive from playing multiple sports outweigh any potential benefits of specializing in soccer.


  • We are teaching skills and abilities that will also develop our players as young adults.

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