MSC 2013 Tournament Parking Info

Please allow plenty of time for parking and getting to the tournament fields.  Please follow all street parking signs.

All Fields – park only where permitted on streets.   Once you park and walk to any field, all other fields are within walking distance

Field Directions

Ridgewood High School (RSH) – 627 East Ridgewood Ave, Ridgewood
We STRONGLY encourage all FULL-SIDED teams to park in the Ridgewood High school parking lot or surrounding streets.  All full sided fields (RHS, Stevens and Brookside) are within walking distance of each other. You can also walk to the main fields at Vets fields from the Ridgewood High School.  

Brookside Field (BR) – (New field this year – Grass field) – Address:  130 Southern Pkwy, Ridgewood
NO parking in cul-de-sac section of Southern Parkway, police will be called by neighbors and you will receive a ticket. We tell you this with 100% certainty.  

Stevens Field (S) – Turf Field – 627 East Ridgewood Ave (this is the Ridgewood High School address)
There is no parking on Irving Street which is next to Steven’s Field.  No street parking and no parking in Utility Right of Way.  Police will be called and will get a ticket. Park in the Ridgewood High School lots or on Heermance Place.
Veterans Field (V) – Main Fields (grass)
162 Northern Parkway  – Intersection of Linwood Avenue and Northern Parkway.  Street parking on Fairway Road, Colonial Road, some sections of Northern Parkway, etc.
Maple Field (M) – Turf Fieldsuse same address/ street locations as Veterans Field

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