2013 MSC Tournament Rules

Click here for copy: 2013 MSC Tournament Rules

17th Annual Maroons Youth Soccer Tournament
June 14, 15 & 16, 2013
Rules of Competition
7 v 7 for under 8s, 9s & 10s – – – 11 v 11 for under 11s & 12s
1. All games shall be played in accordance with FIFA laws except as specifically modified by
these rules. If there is any uncertain area, NCSA rules are applied
2. Length of games shall be two (2) twenty-five (25) minute halves, no overtime; referee may not
add time, but time will be extended for any penalty kick called before expiration of time.
3. Substitution many be made without limit at the following times with permission of the referee:
a. goal kick by either team
b. throw in when your team has possession
c. after a goal has been scored
d. half time
e. injury for the injured player(s), with equal number of opposing players
4. Any player or coach ordered off the field (i.e. Red Card) will be prohibited from participation in
the balance of the tournament. Exception: player sent off for denying a goal by handling may
participate in balance of tournament.
5. Any player or coach accumulating two yellow cards for whatever reason must sit out the next
game. A player or coach receiving a third yellow card will be prohibited from participation in the
balance of the tournament. All cards issued will be reported to the sanctioning authority for
additional actions should it be warranted.
6. A coach who removes his or her team from the field will be prohibited from participation in the
balance of the tournament; the team will be allowed to continue to compete, but they will be
ineligible for trophies. There is no appeal whatsoever to rules 4, 5, & 6.
7. No protests will be permitted or entertained.
8. The start of all games, half-time, start of second half and game end will be signaled with a horn
at each site. A five (5) minute break will be allowed at half time. A team not on the field within ten
(10) minutes of the starting time will forfeit the game. A team not on the field within three (3)
minutes of the start of the second half will forfeit the game. No injury time will be allowed. All
times will be kept at the site by the tournament committee.
9. Forfeited games will be declared a 2-0 score, but the tournament committee may reschedule
any games to ensure equal play. A team that has forfeited a game will not receive trophies
regardless of the number of points that team has accumulated.
10. The field of play will be approximately 40 yards by 60 yards for small sided.
11. Goal area and penalty area shall be, respectively, six (6) and twelve (12) yards from each
goal post and six (6) and twelve yards (12) into the field of play, joined by a line drawn parallel
with the goal line.
12. Goal size for small sided shall be (approximately) six and one half (6 ½) feet or seven (7)
high and eighteen (18) feet wide.
13. The maximum number of players on the field at any one time shall be seven (7) for 10 and
under teams and eleven (11) for U11 & 12 and under teams, including a designated goal-keeper
per team. If five or eight (respectively) eligible players can not be fielded a forfeit will be declared
and the win will be awarded to the other team.
14. Penalty kicks in small sided shall be taken ten (10) yards from the goal line. All other players
shall be outside the penalty area, 10 yards away and behind the ball.
15. Opponents shall be ten (10) yards away from the ball on corner kicks, goal kicks, direct and
indirect kicks.
16. Observe normal off-sides rules.
17. Punts, throws or other releases from hand possession by the goal-keeper and all goal kicks
shall not cross the midfield line without first touching the ground or a player. The opposing team
will be entitled to an indirect free kick from the midfield line for violation of this rule.
18. All players in the U8, U9 and U10 divisions will receive recognition awards (e.g., tournament
patch or medal). All players in the first-place and second-place teams in the U11-U12 flights will
receive awards.
19. APPLICABLE TO U11 AND U12 ONLY; In the event two or more teams are tied on points,
trophy positions will be determined according to the following tie breaker rules:
a. head to head competition (if only two teams tie)
b. most wins
c. least goals allowed
d. goals scored – maximum 5 goals per game
e. bonus points:
goal differential – maximum of 5 points for each game
one (1) point for each shutout recorded
f. co-champions; both teams awarded 1st place
1. The tournament committee will be responsible for team acceptances, tournament format,
game scheduling and assignment of referees.
2. The Maroons Soccer Club Tournament cancellation policy provides for refunding a minimum of
80% of a team’s entry fees if the tournament is cancelled for any reason before the start of the
tournament. The reason for cancellation might include weather, field usage, or sponsoring
organization management decision.
3. The tournament committee reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the
4. The tournament committee’s interpretation of the rules and regulations shall be final.
5. The tournament committee shall be comprised of the Tournament Director, the President of
the Maroons Soccer Club, the Games Scheduler/Referee Assignor and such other individuals the
tournament director may appoint.
6. Golf Cart Policy – You must have a valid New Jersey Drivers License to operate a Golf cart at
7. Coaches and / or team mangers are responsible for the conduct of the players, supporters,
fans, etc. at all times while on the tournament sites. Players must be instructed to compete
according to the “Laws of the Game” and to avoid any attempt to injure other players.
8. Severe misconduct will result in players or entire teams asked to leave the tournament without
9. Please pick up after your team, particularly in the team areas, after every game; garbage
receptacles are provided near all fields.
10. Teams must be prepared to be checked in by field marshal at least 30 minutes prior to game
time. Teams must present roster, player passes and coaches’ passes to the field marshal.

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