Maroons U8

U8 Travel Academy

This will be a fall AND spring commitment.

Players form teams of 6 to play against each other on Sunday’s. Teams will be formed and named. Players will receive 2 90 minute practices per week with a 50 minute game (2 x 25 minute halves) on Saturday/Sunday. Games will be played 4v4 with no goalkeepers. Fields will be 30 yards by 20 yards and 6ft PUGG goals. Coaches will act as referee’s and coach the tactical side of the game.
Teams from other towns will be invited to come and play. 4 fields will be set up using corner flags, PUGG goals and have the fields properly lined (depending on permission from the town)
Game day rules will follow a similar guideline to the 3v3 where players are not allowed within a certain distance to the goal, no scoring from your own half (eliminating the big boot down field into an empty net), line of retreat for goal kicks and no offsides. Regular throw ins, corners and fouls. Kick off from the middle. Substitutions on the fly. All players will rotate positions on each substitution.

1 training session per week will be with your in town team and 1 training session will be based on ability. 2 teams will practice together with 1 trainer for the first sessions then the top 12 players will practice with a trainer for the second session. Once practice days are set they will not change for the season.

We will also have the opportunity to play against other clubs in the area which may require a little travel to neighboring towns.
This program will be supplemented by having the top 12 players form 2 teams to play in the EDP Futures festivals in fall, winter and spring. (See below).
$570.00 club fee’s, $85.00 uniform cost, there will be a training cost for using professional trainers that will be approximately $150.00 – $200.00 per season.
EDP Festivals:
This will be an extra charge for players to be invited to participate in the EDP festivals. At these festival days the Maroons will play 5v5 against other top flight clubs in the area. There will be travel involved as much as up to 1 hour. Teams will play 4, 20 minute games in a 2 hour period.
Winter: (Optional)
Winter training will consist of 1 hour of training on Saturday mornings at the Superdome in Waldwick. This is entirely optional but players are recommended to register. We will also look to play several indoor tournaments.
1. Set schedule for training and in town games for fall, winter and spring
2. Less travel, all games played in town (with the exception of EDP Festivals)
3. 100% commitment to player development, no scores, no flights, no winners just development.

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