Maroons U15-U19


(USSF “Advanced Stage”, US Youth Soccer “Training to Compete/Training to Win Stage”)



“For the first several years the two areas that require the overwhelming percentage of your consideration are the psychological and technical. There are no tactics without technique. And there will be no appreciable level of technical competence without an enjoyment of the game.”


Exert from, Soccer: How to Play the Game


Learning Objective:

Convert player passion for soccer into a life-long love for the sport; Secure game intelligence through team play, fine-tune and accelerate speed of ball mastery skills, individual speed of play, and phase-play through group tactics.


Program Description:

The Maroons U16 / U19 is a half-year developmental program for the high school soccer player who wants to improve their competitive level of play, understanding of the game, and ability to perform at a high paced, highly technical level. It is recommended that players participate in the HS Winter Development Program. Following tryouts typically held in late November, the team will prepare for league play in the spring which includes 2-3 formal training sessions each week.


Core focus is on growing technical proficiency of first touch and increasing speed of tactical decision-making with a consistent execution of the principles of play. Tactical development and teaching expands as players’ abilities increase. Players should be consistently demonstrating advanced proficiency of the Maroons Style of Play.


  • Players in this stage of the curriculum should have sufficiently mastered the content of the previous stages and are ready to focus on tactical and functional aspects of the game.


Program Participants:

See Player Age Chart to confirm appropriate player placement on Maroons U16 / U19. Players must tryout, based on age, and be selected to a team. Players are selected based on performance and proficiency at a required level as well as ability to commit to the team. Multiple teams are only formed in years with enough demand and quality of players. Most years, there is a U19 team only, and this accommodates all players.


Program Details:

A winter and spring specific program where, following a tryout, players are added to a specific team. Teams typically train 2-3x week and play 10 games in the spring mostly on Sundays.


Tryouts are held in mid-November and the winter program is usually open to all players and is focused on development.


Program Instructors:

Each team is lead by a properly qualified Professional Coach Trainer. The instructors must meet a minimum level of qualification, holding at a minimum a NSCAA National Diploma or equivalent. These instructors are guided by the Maroon Development Curriculum,Maroons Style of Teaching, Maroons Style of Play, and Club Expectations for Coaches.

Each teacher is guided by the Player Development Pathway.


  • COACH: Coaches at U15-U19 must hold at minimum a “USSF National C” or “NSCAA National Diploma”; “NSCAA Advanced National Diploma” highly recommended.


Program Cost:


Total estimated cost for U15+ is $600 to $950 reflecting a winter and spring season only.  Fees include uniform and training shirts, professional training, games, referees, insurance, fields, lights, and other Club expenses.


To Register:

Tryouts are required and players must register and be accepted to an appropriate team, based on performance. Go to, Log In, Select “Maroons Soccer Club” then select specific year. Available programs will be confirmed based on player’s age, see Player Age Chart to confirm appropriate age group.


General Characteristics of the U16 Age Group, from US Youth Soccer Player Development Model:

  • Proper physical preparation warm-up and cool down
  • Improving endurance, strength and speed
  • May have a lengthened attention span
  • Able to better understand moral principles Strong identification with admired adults
  • Very sensitive to praise and recognition; feelings are easily hurt
  • Fear of ridicule and being unpopular
  • Friends set the general rules of behavior
  • Strong need to conform exists
  • Dress and behave like their peers in order to belong
  • Experiences physical changes – very concerned with their appearance and very self-conscience about their physical changes
  • Often a rapid weight gain at the beginning of adolescence poses an enormous appetite
  • Caught between being a child and being an adult


General Characteristics of the U18 Age Group, from US Youth Soccer Player Development Model:

  • Proper physical preparation warm-up and cool down
  • Improving endurance, strength and speed
  • Emotions can still overcome tactical logic
  • They are likely to solve soccer problems with their legs first and their brains second
  • May have bad diet and sleep habits, and, as a result, low energy levels
  • The skeleton is close to full maturation, but peak athleticism is still a few years off
  • Very concerned with what others say and think about them
  • Developing a team consciousness – want and need a strong voice in planning their activities/game plans
  • May try to manipulate others to get what they want
  • Loud behavior may hide their lack of self-confidence
  • Look at the world more objectively – look at adults more subjectively and are critical of them, yet they still want adult leadership
  • Go to extremes – often appear to be unstable emotionally while having a know-it-all attitude
  • Vulnerable – emotionally insecure, fear of rejection and mood swings
  • Social needs and desires are high
  • Many will leave the game for employment and many who go to college will not return to the game after graduation
  • There is still a strong desire to be part of a team


Training Session Focus:

Individual 20%, Group 40%, Team 40%; Increasing speed of play, transition ; Functional & phase play

Heavy use of small-sided competitive games


Recommend 3 training sessions each week and supplemental physical strength and conditioning.


END OF TRAINING SCRIMMAGE: 4v4 no goal keepers; 5v5 including goal keepers; 7v7 and 8v8 including goal keepers


Technical Focus:

Artistry with the ball; Ball mastery; 1st touch, Serving a Ball; Technical speed of play; Turning at speed


Tactical Focus:

Speed of Play; Possession; Transition Speed; Functional training; Group Tactics; #s up and #s down situations; Combo Play; Penetration (1st look); Support; Mobility;  3v3, 3v4, 4v3, 2v4; 5v5; 5v3; Set Pieces (complete understanding of restarts, free kicks, throw-ins); Thirds of Field Play; Closing out games; Team attacking and defending; Counter attacking; Pressing; Defending Principles; Attacking Principles; Switching Point of Attack; Serving & Runs in Box; Functional training


SYSTEMS OF PLAY:  Play various formations with preference toward attacking style—4-3-3


Physical Focus:

Supplemental Strength / power; speed, endurance, high work rate & intensity; anaerobic, flexibility; Sports nutrition & hydration, lifestyle choices (sleep, alcohol)


Psychological Focus:

leadership, training mentality; Perceiving; decision making, resilience, managing emotions; Maroons Motivation


Team Building:

Group challenges, team meals, team outings.


Club Expectations for Coaches specific to U16-U18:

  • Players specialize by position and functional and phase-play training will be used.
  • Playing time based on ability and participation, no guaranteed game time
  • Players earn the right to start games based on performance and each week’s participation.


Supplemental U18 Programs:

  • Futsal
  • High School Winter Development Program
  • Juggling Elite
  • Speed, Agility, Quickness (SAQ)

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