MSC Programs


The Maroons Soccer Club has soccer development programs for children 4 years old through 18 years old; pre-kindergarten through senior year in high school. Our Player Development Pathway is ideal for players who aspire to compete at the highest levels locally, in high school, and at college.

We have created an inspiring learning experience that leverages a progressive teaching model where each development phase builds skills, abilities, intelligence, and confidence so each player can continuously advance toward their maximum potential.

Within each stage of development, there is a learning curriculum that guides player acquisition of skills and learning necessary to progress the development pathway. This pathway creates talented players capable of playing the beautiful game, beautifully (see Maroons Style of Play).


The Maroons Player Development Pathway includes five distinct stages of development:



Supplemental programs are provided to increase training opportunities and accelerate each player’s learning and development:


  • Juggling Elite : Recognition and reward program that promotes juggling skills
  • MSC Academy Training (MSCAT) : Elite, advanced training for top Club players
  • Functional Striker Training : Development program to improve goal scoring ability
  • Functional Goalie Training : Development program to advance goalie skills
  • Ball Manipulation to Mastery : Program designed to develop advanced ball skills & creativity
  • Free-Play Football Fridays, Fall : Structured “street soccer” where kids come and PLAY
  • Futsal, Winter : Classic Brazilian game played indoors that provides deep practice
  • Speed, Agility, Quickness (SAQ) : Develop physical abilities to maximize performance
  • HS Winter Development Program : Program for high school players to continue development following high school season
  • Pre High School Tryout Summer Prep Program : Prepare the incoming first year high school player for the rigors of high school tryouts and demands of high school soccer



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