Winners List: 2014 MSC Tournament Results


Congratulations to all the winners of the 18th Annual MSC Father’s Day Tournament!


BU11 – J Flight

1st Place – Emerson Eagles – Matt Rausch

2nd Place – Wayne SC All Stars – Tamas Kovacs



BU11 – K Flight

1st Place – Montclair – Dennis Dawson

2nd Place – West Side Soccer Blazers – Colum McCann



BU12 – L Flight

1st Place – Arsenal – Ohanes Thomasian

2nd Place – FC Broncos Blue Devils – Manuel Garcia



BU12 – M Flight

1st Place – Tenafly United Tigers – Anthony Holland

2nd Place – Maroons BU12 Black – Rocco Orlando



GU11 – W Flight

1st Place – Vikings FC – Laura Scuro

2nd Place – Glen Rock Shooting Stars Red – Erik Neubart



GU11 – X Flight

1st Place – Bergen Bulldogs BBSC – Matt Higgins

2nd Place – Nutley United GU11 – Jeff Conklin



GU12 – Y Flight

1st Place – Randolph SC Storm – Justing Renna

2nd Place – Arsenal Fury – Allen Gross



GU12 – Z Flight
1st Place – Lady SportsFriends – John Ellis
2nd Place – Wayne Devils – Tamas Kovacs


Please contact Carolyn Muccio at to receive your trophies.

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