Maroons Soccer Club Tryout Results and 2014/2015 Registration


Maroons Soccer Club Tryout Results and 2014/2015 Registration

Dear Parents,

We had over 700 young athletes tryout for the Maroons Soccer Club this spring, over five weekends and 28 individual sessions.  As a club we have worked hard to run what we strive to be a well-structured and fair tryout process.  We have substantially increased the utilization of third party trainers to facilitate consistency and effectiveness in the tryout process.  As always, we welcome your feedback and will continue to evolve and improve the program each year.


Please note tryout results are posted by tryout number and not by name.

For tryout results please click on the below link:

2014-15 MSC Team Rosters


Parents are welcome to follow up with their coaches and the age group tryout coordinator (AGC) and will be provided with their child’s average ranking, should they wish. Tryouts inevitably create some disappointment and emotion, we respectfully ask that you take a measured approach with your coach and the AGC.  They in turn will take the time to explain the comprehensive tryout process the Maroons follow.


BU8 AGC: Mike Cobb

BU9 AGC: Brian Loftus

BU10 AGC: Michael Feeney

BU11 AGC: Paul Boogaert

BU12 AGC: Eric Beiter

BU13 AGC: Fran Davin

BU14 AGC: Jonathan Ruhl


GU8 AGC: Mike Cobb

GU9 AGC: Silvana Winn

GU10 AGC: Larry Grassi

GU11 AGC: Cathy Cardew

GU12 AGC: John Nidds

GU13 AGC: Lee Glover

GU14 AGC: Kim Devir


Registration for the 2014-2015 season will open on July 1st via Community Pass and close on July 31st.


For those teams with established coaches, you will hear from your coach during July, but no later than August 1st.


For those teams without established coaches (U8’s and teams with coaching changes), you will hear from your coach no later than August 1st.


Many thanks to our Maroons Families, we wish you all a great summer!!


Paul Boogaert, President Maroons Soccer Club

Brian Loftus, Tryout Coordinator Maroons Soccer Club

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