Maroons Support One of Their Own‏




Maroons Soccer Club Proudly Supports One of Their Own

On a damp and gray October Sunday, the Maroons Soccer Club arrived in numbers to show their support for one of their own.  The event was the 10th Annual Richard’s Run in Ho-Ho-Kus, a spirited 5K race to raise money for various pediatric cancer organizations in Bergen County.  The benefactor of the enthusiastic Maroons’ support was Michael Feeney, who has been bravely battling Ewing’s Sarcoma, a bone cancer, for the past four years, all the while playing soccer whenever he felt well enough to.

That morning, the Maroons gathered at 8:00 AM near the starting line, exchanging smiles and laughs, excited to run the 3.1 mile race, some of them for their first time.  Michael had a big smile on his face, seeing so many friends and teammates, a great chance for a memorable photo.  And then they were off, each athlete, coach and parent making their way through the hilly and beautiful course.

At the finish, the group gathered together, waiting for Michael to round the final corner.  Making the turn, Michael was greeted by loud cheers “Michael, Michael, Michael!”  The Maroons filed onto the course, surrounding Michael and his parents, walking as a team to the finish line.

Thank you to all who took part in this special day, and thank you to Michael for being an inspiration to us all!      





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